Colors, Reflections, Purpose and Beauty



Working with glass is an unending exploration for me. I was fortunate to study at The Studio at the Corning Museum of Glass, learning cold working under the renowned Martin Rosel.
Cold working is the process of working the glass in its frozen or solid state. It involves cutting, bonding and grinding pieces of glass into what is often a geometric design. The piece is then polished to a high shine.



Color with all of its vibrancy and its endless palette was what first attracted me to fused glass. Whether transparent, opalescent or iridescent I wanted to play with it all. 

Gradually, I realized that there was much more to my attraction than just color. To me, glass is a metaphor for life. With effort, care and skill a piece of beauty, be it glass or life, can be created. And like life, it needs to be treated with respect.

There is also a purpose to glass, just as there is to life. Whether it is a piece designed to hold an object or an art piece that brings enjoyment or thought provoking ideas it has a reason for being.

With each piece of fused glass I craft, I attempt to create a thing of beauty that will be valued. In return, I hope the piece will bring a sense of joy and well being to its owner.

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